The Golden Family Commune | Dr.Harish Foundation
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Continuum Care Retirement Community

THE GOLDEN FAMILY COMMUNE is  a novel initiative by Harish Foundation .The Dr Harish foundation will be created as a foundation of tHlike-minded renowned personalities from different fields.

The Dr HARISH FOUNDATION provides Holistic living & Comprehensive health care of senior citizens with affordable Assisted Living Homes that combine Architecture, Technology and medicine to deliver warm home-like experience with continuum Skilled Nurising Care as you ‘Age-in-place’ & lead an enjoyable and meaningful lifestyle.

CCRC’s – Continuing Care Retirement Communities.0%

AL(assisted living)0%

SNC(skilled nursing care)0%

  • For a continuum of care and residents benefit from having all facilities in one campus-like environment.
  • Dr.Harish Foundations CCRC is one which scores high on the positive attributes such as healthcare accessibility, social eco system and connectivity; and low on negative attributes such as land value, congestion and crime index.
  • Presently, the ASSISTED LIVING HOMES PLUS aka Dr.Harish Foundation…is the only facility in the world whereinyou could shift residences (from Independent Living to Assisted Living n vice-versa) as you age to cater to your aging needs absolutely whilst your Medical Ombudsman holds your hand all the while as you “age – in- place ”



empowering its clients to effectively optimize their own healthcare and wellness regimes. By strategically implementing an Information & Communication Technology (ICT) network, early identification of the health risks due to intrinsic hereditary factors, self inflicted lifestyles as well future affliction to chronic diseases and frequent hospitalizations can now be avoided.


ALTERNATIVE HEALING ; AYUSH ; employing a range of modern and ancient global health practices. its main services include Ayurveda,Yoga,Unani,Siddha & Homeopathy as well as Acupuncture and Energy medicine.A practice as old as 100 years, alternative healing has always been around, with its importance even more prominent today.


To provide Pro-active ,Predictive & Preventive health care services.For a proactive healthcare model to work, a consumer must be compliant and commit to self-care. However, what few consumers realize is that the provider also has a responsibility to proactively manage the patient’s health – prevent disease, detect disease early, and improve healthcare results.

THE MISSION is to provide unlimited compassion, love and care for the most vulnerable in the society and facilitate a peaceful, contended life as a family. The little one, the single woman and the elderly being the most vulnerable are taught to be Physically strong, Mentally active and Spiritually complete by HOLISTIC means and more…aptly termed “FUSION MEDICINE.”



Dr. HARISH KUMAR.N  is a highly personable, proficient, team-spirited family Physician, a patient –advocate for closely working with hospital staff and administration in enforcing systems & procedures


Dr. PADMA is a seasoned  Physician,administrator and a philanthropist with over 20 years of experience in various areas of medical care and administration


Dr. P. RAMDADAS MALLYA is a rural medical practitioner and family physician.He was raised in a rural atmosphere


Dr. SANDHYA HAVANUR worked exclusively in specialist Ayurvedic center in vedam, worked for charity Ayurvedic hospital in Poornayu, Rajajinagar, Currently working as consultant Doctor in Sanjeevini Hospital,  Rajajinagar.